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      Education Essay Editing

      With so many different philosophies of education, it can be difficult to write a paper that addresses relevant elements of your argument while still staying focused. EssayEdge editors can help you include the pieces you need to craft your position within your paper, while making sure your essay stays clear and concise.

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      Tips for Writing Your Education Paper

      It can be difficult to write a dissertation in this field because there are so many different philosophies of education. Candidates in graduate and undergraduate programs often find themselves spending as much time offering “disqualifiers” (e.g., “while there are many schools of thought in this field that might disagree with this primary premise…”) as in developing clear and concise thesis statements. Of course, the reason to offer all of these disqualifiers is to make sure that the reader understands what philosophy is espoused by the writer. But the problem is that the writer can lose the reader by focusing on elements that are not critical to the development of the overall argument.

      When writing your education dissertation, it is important to keep in mind that your reader is already familiar with the different philosophies of education. Therefore, it is not necessary when presenting your thesis statement to identify those specific philosophies that might not support it, because this is the trap that can lead to an “unraveling” of your important opening sequence. The other thing to keep in mind is that an essay for an academic program in this field does not have to “change the world.” A problem that besets many candidates is their own sense that they need to be “profound” in their research, and the irony is that the narrower the focus of the paper, the more profound it is likely to be.

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