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    1. Set Yourself Apart With Your Government or Public Affairs Personal Statement

      Government and Public Affairs Essay Editing

      No matter what type of specific program you are looking for, you’ll need to show the admissions committee why you deserve a spot over the dozens, hundreds, or thousands of other applicants you’re competing with. At elite schools and programs, near-perfect GPAs and test scores are common among applicants. That means it will take something else to give yourself an edge in the admissions process. With the public affairs or government personal statement, you have a chance to do just that, and EssayEdge editors are standing by to help you deliver an outstanding argument for your admission.

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      Showcase Communication Skills in Your Government Personal Statement

      A great government personal statement is just as important as a great public affairs personal statement; to earn an advanced degree in either field, elite communication skills are a must. There’s no better way to show the admissions committees that you possess those skills than with an outstanding application essay. If you can impress them right off the bat, you’ll make yourself much more memorable as an applicant.

      Express Yourself With Your Public Affairs Personal Statement

      Communicating with the public through good writing is a mainstay of public affairs. The best communicators are those who enable readers to understand even complex issues through clear writing. This is why your public affairs personal statement may be the single most important part of your application to graduate school. If your essay is confusing, poorly written, or worst of all, boring, you’ll have an extremely difficult time convincing the admissions committee that you deserve acceptance. If, on the other hand, your essay is technically flawless and compelling, you’ll have a significant advantage over other applicants.

      Whether you’re trying to get a master’s in public policy or a Ph.D. in public finance, your public affairs admission essay is more likely than anything else to convince an admissions officer to accept you. Other parts of your admissions package are certainly important, but for a top-notch application, you need to make your case in your graduate school statement of purpose. EssayEdge is ready to help you convince admissions committees that you’ve got what it takes for a career in public affairs.

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