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    1. Journalism Personal Statement Editing & Proofreading Service. Get Accepted with an Unforgettable Journalism Personal Statement.

      Journalism Essay Editing

      Your journalism personal statement can be the difference between acceptance and rejection to your chosen school, so don’t leave it to chance. Admissions officers are putting more and more stock in personal statements when making their decisions, so it is crucial that yours shares your story in an effective, memorable way. By partnering with an EssayEdge editor, you’ll know that your personal statement is the strongest it can possibly be.

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      Convey Your Passion with Your Journalism Personal Statement

      Graduate admissions officials today are placing more and more emphasis on a strong journalism statement of purpose that is concise and displays attention to detail. That means that using a graduate editing service like EssayEdge can be the difference between acceptance and rejection when you apply. While journalism is all about how to tell the world’s stories effectively, your journalism admission essay is your opportunity to tell your own story effectively. And your journalism essay must be able to grab readers’ attention within the first few sentences. But how can you captivate someone in a limited amount of space, especially if they’ve never met you?

      The secret is writing in a way that is clear, concise, and compelling while remaining focused on unique elements of yourself. Writing a journalism personal statement is one of the most difficult tasks any writer can face, no matter how experienced they are. While you may be quite skilled at writing a dynamic news story or editorial, it can be challenging to write about yourself in a similarly excellent way. If writing an outstanding personal statement were easy, graduate admissions committees wouldn’t put so much stock in it as an admissions tool!

      This is your chance to stand apart from the rest—partner with a graduate proofreading service like EssayEdge and let us help you give your story a great ending. Just as journalists enlist the help of expert editors to ensure their work is polished, your personal statement can significantly benefit from the eyes of an admissions professional.

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